Sushi ang Sashimi

choice of fresh row fish over sushi rice
s2 Maguro Sashimi
s3 Salmon Sashimi
9 pieces Atlantic king salmon
s4 Hamachi Sashimi
9 pieces yellow tail
s5 Assorted Sashimi
12 pieces of assorted row fish, 4 kinds of sashimi



Restaurant and Services

Yama Sushi has 34-foot-long sushi bar in the middle of the restaurant. Plates of sushi, which are on miniature boats that float on water, rotate on a conveyor belt around the bar. Customers at the bar will get to see all the sushi go around and get an idea of what they want – there are 36 chairs can choose and sample at their leisure.

On both sides of the sushi bar, the restaurant has more than 20 lunch and dinner tables available and provide beatifully printed meal menu for the choices of our customers.

Yama Sushi takse reservations for birthday party, graduation party and Wedding party and Holidays etc.

For more services information and reservations, please check with our restaurant front or call our customer service at (530) 223-6868

sushi bar